What Archie can do for you

My skills are assessing even the most complex situations and subjects then writing about them for publication, broadcast, or commercial reference. To take advantage of these skills you can:

You are most likely a commissioning editor on a magazine or newspaper, a senior company or ad agency executive, or with a government department that has a complex story that needs simple telling. Whatever I write for you will be:

Because writing is what I do, I charge fees. Budgets for each assignment are by negotiation, preliminary discussions are free of charge and obligation.

My engagement process usually follows this pattern:

  1. Best if we can actually meet for our first briefing session. If that isn't possible then tell me what you want and we can discuss it by phone and by email.
  2. With the scope of the task agreed we then address fees and likely out-of-pocket costs for the project eg. Travel and photography.
  3. I will then submit a note summarising the creative, logistic and financial agreements we have reached.
  4. You sign your copy, incorporating any amendments and we have a deal, I begin work and the meter begins to run.
  5. I deliver.