Editorials, speeches and think-pieces

Editorialising is rather like speech-writing – one creates a strong and hopefully interesting public message about something one knows little about from the expertise of someone who's not all that rapt in writing it. For the examples of editorial opinion writing here I'm indebted to two men with important things to say who have regularly entrusted me with the task of putting their viewpoints on paper. Michael Phillips is the outspoken chairman of Shipping Australia Limited, the peak industry body, and Llew Russell is that body's CEO.


If it aint broke why fix it?

SAL is a strong supporter of the growth and rejuvenation of the Australian coastal trade. Our only question is how this can best be done and the answer we support is: by continuing exactly as it is with some fine tuning.

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Wanted: A task force with the Nelson touch

Updating the infrastructure of our shipping industry probably represents the biggest commercial task facing this nation. Almost more momentous is the fact that almost nobody outside shipping seems to appreciate the urgency of the problems.

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Business manages business best so let's not even think about government-run infrastructure

Another day, another report. This one is by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and proposes that areas around our ports be gazetted as special economic zones and their management centralised in a new coordinating body.

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Now’s the time for us to #!%*!

As Phillip Adams once wrote: If *%&$(!#* indicates an unprintable obscenity, how does one represent a nervous clearing of the throat before saying something important?

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We need some straight talking about secondary boycotts ... and as soon as possible!

Shivers up the spine would be too mild a description of our reaction to Julia Gillard's recent coy comment that a Labor Government would maintain some sort of secondary boycott provisions while stopping short of saying they will be retained in the Trade Practices Act.

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