The 2008 grain export season seems to have been a comparative success and the outlook for Australia's next season is promising, according to most of the people involved.

It's an important, even critical viewpoint because the harvest was the first to be exported unnder the new system whereby the Australian Wheat Board's monopoly of export sales was replaced by 23 licensed exporters ...

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Where the wool industry stands today depends on who's looking at it and the height of their horse

This year is the 200th anniversary of wool's first commercial-size export shipment. It changed Australia's future. The story of wool today is a bit like a sandwich - all the best stuff is in the middle but you need plain bread to hold it together.

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Newcastle coal update
New coal port will end ships queue only if everyone else gets their ducks in line

The great ocean gateway that is the Port of Newcastle is now almost certainly home to the world's largest coal export terminal (102 million tonnes this year) - Port Waratah Coal Services.

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Port Lincoln
A blazing example of a community that manages its resources to create astounding wealth

Compared to scores of country towns Port Lincoln is one to die for. While other communities love their stores, their banks, the post office, and finally their young people, the two main streets alone in this little port of only 15,000 people have 27 banks, financial planners, lawyers and real estate agents.

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They call it Environopolis and if you think really big, think really far ahead, and live long enough it's going to be really something!

It has dredged its harbour to take the biggest capesize ships while Melbourne's channel languishes. It has its own mini Alameda corridor zipping trains and trucks, gas and electricity under and through its CBD while Sydney's Enfield and Macarthur rail lines are still dreams.

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