Opportunities are still plentiful
Despite talk of economic doom, opportunities to create wealth still exist

They are so different from what you hear in the media, I feared I’d got it wrong. So I dialed around the nation to hear how things really are at this apparently alarming time in Australia’s economy. Here’s what I was told; see what you think...

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Where the wool industry stands today depends on who's looking at it and the height of their horse

This year is the 200th anniversary of wool's first commercial-size export shipment. It changed Australia's future. The story of wool today is a bit like a sandwich - all the best stuff is in the middle but you need plain bread to hold it together.

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The big drought

Shipping Australia Magazine commissioned the following feature to survey the effects of the drought on the people of Australia. The brief was to go behind the headlines and soundbites of the daily media. The following pages tell about the realities of farmers who could sell-up for millions tomorrow but who have insufficient cash today to put food on their tables, about little girls whose teenage years pass without them being able to afford a pretty dress, and about fortunes being generated in off-farm industries. Then there is the suicide club, the gossip-mongers who seem to thrive on rumours that drought-related suicide is rampant ih the bush where in fact the never-say-die spirit has never been stronger. The farmers themselves see this as a very different drought!

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