Who is Archie?

For many years Bayvel was a journalist working for metropolitan dailies in the UK, Asia and Australia. Before that he studied at Glasgow University prior to serving as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.

In Australia he has worked on The West Australian in Perth, the Daily Mirror and The Australian in Canberra and Sydney. During some years in Asia he covered royal and presidential tours of India and Pakistan, climbing disasters in the Himalaya, and many events of no importance but heart-shaking interest.

Then his career path turned to being director in charge of the creative teams at Melvel, a Sydney advertising agency, a position held simultaneously with being chief executive of its award-winning public relations firm. The experience taught him that wonderful stories in business and industry are often smothered by sycophantic PR blankets or overwhelmed by easy sensationalism.

On his return to writing that hands-on understanding of business big and small has provided insight and balance to his recent reports on the mineral, agricultural and social economics of almost every region of Australia.

In 2009 he is extending his territory with a return to India and he is accepting assignments to report on its booming growth and popular wealth and their relevance to his readers.